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Everyone Needs a BFF like Danish Sait: A Friendship Day Interview with Saad Khan & Danish Sait

The Wooplr “Besties” series is brought to you in celebration of Friendship Day 2014.


Photo courtesy: Dinesh photography

Danish Sait is a RJ, a popular emcee, and a comedian. You might also know him by his alter ego, ‘Nograj Saar’. And when he’s not pranking unsuspecting citizens, he’s busy hosting the Pro Kabaddi League.

Saad Khan is the founder of Centrestage, producer of THE IMPROV shows, an accomplished director who gave Bangalore its’ first Hindi film, Station, and a talented screenwriter. Some of his works have been screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

How long have you two been friends?

Danish Sait (DS): About two-and-a-half years.

What is Saad’s favourite word / line?

Danish Sait (DS): ahh… It’s “balls to you”.

The Hindi version of it actually. I’m not sure you can print that though. It starts with ‘L’ and ends with ‘L’

Saad Khan (SK): Bro, you got that spot on!


How did you both meet? When did you both hit it off?

Saad Khan (SK): I think it was after the rehearsal for an IMPROV show. That’s when we met first.

Danish: Yeah, we connected on the comedy note more than anything else. And Bangalore Urdu. Definitely. And also the fact that Saad calls his ‘Bestie’ as ‘Bro’! Today being Eid and all, it makes more sense!

Saad: (*laughs*) You know what, I guess we are both quite old school. You will never see us go like “hey, let’s take a selfie together”, “You are my bestie”, “We should go for movie tonight and then go to that coffee place I told you about”

Danish: (*laughs*) I see a Mount Carmel reference there!

Saad: (*laughs*) It was the “let’s take a Selfie" line wasn’t it?

What I mean is, as best friends, we don’t meet as often as the world would expect best friends to. We don’t feel the need to. We don’t have to “catch up” all time. It’s more about the moments we share.

Danish: That’s right. The first person I’d called after finishing my very first TV show was Saad!

The most ridiculous thing you two have done together

Danish Sait (DS): This interview.

Saad Khan (SK): There are a lot of stupid things we have done. Once in a Dubai mall, Danish was doing an impersonation of the sheikhs there - right in front of them! I was s***-scared someone would probably come beat us up. Or worse, end up in jail. Nothing happened though.

Danish: They think the whole word speaks like them.

Saad: That’s true.

And yesterday we hung around in Commercial street late into the night. I just stopped midway and shouted “Hey, this is Danish Sait. Who wants a photo with him?”

Danish: (*laughs*) Yeah, and quite a few snapped up with me! We were at there till 2am shopping for my Eid dress. I got myself a Pathani Kurta Pajama.

What’s Danish’s favourite colour?

Saad: Blue or black?

Danish: Black it is.

What’s Danish’s favourite Bollywood movie?

Saad: Queen?

Danish: Dude, I haven’t watched that movie.

Saad: Really? Well then, must be any of those male bonding movies. He likes them a lot like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Danish: Saad, how about you switch to Hollywood? It’s easier (*laughs*)

Saad: Got it. The Wolf of Wall Street
Danish: He’s right. I like movies where there’s a lot of cursing and swearing.

What’s Saad’s Bollywood song?

Danish: I know his favourite movie. It’s Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

He’s not the kind that trips on music. But yesterday, I played this song called Tamil Fever by Benny Dayal and he’s hooked on to it since.

Saad: True.

What’s Danish’s favourite TV show?

Saad: Family guy & Suits

Danish: I think you need to talk more about the show I’m doing right now.

Saad: What? Oh yes, and Pro Kabaddi League. Let’s get some free promotion out there huh!

What’s Saad’s favourite dish?

Danish: Any salad… and when he’s not being a fitness freak, anything under the sun. But Chinese is his favourite!

Saad: Bang on! I love Chinese.



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Friendship Day Giveaway 2014 with Lee Cooper India

In celebration of Father’s Day 2014, Wooplr has tied up with premium lifestyle brand Gant to bring you this Giveaway contest.

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Father’s Day Giveaway - Winners Announcement

Here are the winners of the Wooplr Father’s Day Giveaway 2014 in association with Gant.

  1. Allen George
  2. Pooja Baravani
  3. Sahil Wason
  4. Shagufta Methwani
  5. Rumana Nazarali
  6. Nivesh Sharma
  7. Navya Singh
  8. Anmol Ojha
  9. Gaurika Bubber
  10. Gurpriya Singh
  11. Chandra Maloo
  12. Marika Mammen
  13. Nivedith Gajapathy
  14. Riya Kaur
  15. Akshay Agarwal

See winners of the Twitter contest.

We like to thank our campaign sponsor Gant and all our participants for making this so much fun.

To our Super Dads…


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A Father’s Day Interview with Young Dad & Social Maven, Hrish Dhempe Thota

The Wooplr “Super Dad” series is brought to you in association with Gant in celebration of Father’s Day 2014.


Hrish Thota is a social media maven and a photo blogger from Bangalore who blogs about food, lifestyle and travel. He’s oft-quoted in press articles on issues related to blogging/social media. He has live blogged and tweeted many events like IPL, CLT20 in South Africa, among others. He’s currently working as a Senior Manager of Social Computing at Happiest Minds.

Here’s the transcript from the interview (printed verbatim)

Tell us about your son Reyansh

Reyansh is our first born. He is very inquisitive and explorative. He loves to meet new people and play with other kids of all shapes and sizes. He loves dogs and trains and likes to imitate the sounds they make!

He has just turned one but runs around the house trying to pull each and everything within his reach. He loves to mock ride a car and loves the wind in his hair when going in an auto rickshaw!

Is he a mumma’s boy or daddy’s boy?

I would say right now he is a mumma’s boy but he does like to spend a lot of time with me too. Only thing is that his attention has to be diverted whenever she is out of sight or he can pull down the roof with his screams, which you can expect with any kid of his age too!


Your favourite moment with him so far? And what’s the most hilarious thing he’s done till now?

Two of my favourite moments with Reyansh have been when I held him for the first time after his birth and when he tried to reach out to my wine glass when he was just 6 months old!. Both pictures exhibit my exuberance at becoming a dad and his naughtiness respectively!

Hilarious things he does is when he smiles shyly after farting and acting as if he doesn’t know who has farted! Also the funny faces he makes when imitating dog barking sounds.


Every father has his own set of Dad Jokes or “DJokes”. What’s going to be your DJoke?

Don’t let the “bugs bunny” bite!

Reyansh’s nick name is Bunny :)

If you and your son had a TV show together, what would it be called?

Full House! I loved that TV show and I feel my son and I are quite a force to reckon with and bring down a full house if we want to, with our pranks and naughtiness!

What did Father’s Day mean to you before your son was born? And what does it mean to you today?

Before my son was born, Father’s Day meant wishing my dad on phone but I never realized what it really means to be a dad. Now that I’m a father myself, I understand the struggles my father faced to bring us up showcasing love and responsibility. So my respect, love and gratitude for my father has grown many folds after I became a father too.


What’s your favourite part of being a dad?

My favorite part of being a dad is when my son’s face lights up and he has a broad toothless (or bunny teeth) smile when I return back from a long and hard day at office. It cheers up my mood and I feel like, with him by my side, I’m ready to take on the world!

Keeping Father’s Day in mind, what is your message to all the young fathers out there?

I know many of my married friends who haven’t thought of becoming fathers yet as they are scared of the responsibility. But, I would like to give a message to them that fatherhood is one of the most blissful feelings in the world and you must certainly experience it once.

To those friends who have just become fathers, I would say that try and spend as much time with your children as possible as here are small people for whom you are their entire world.

How will you be celebrating your first Father’s Day?

This Father’s Day I will celebrate with my son Reyansh and my wife Sunitha by playing peek-a-boo game with him and making him piggy ride on me which he loves a lot. Of course, enjoying scrumptious food is a given as we are all foodies in the family!


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