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21 Stupid Questions Models Are Tired of Hearing

Being a model is not an easy job. Considering that Wooplr has a lot of models recommending their favorite shopping finds from their favourite stores, we got together with them to know how many of these stereotypes were actually true.

So here are some of the silliest questions every model would have been asked at some point in their career.


#1. Do you get to keep all those clothes that you wear?

You mean just like how you take the office desktop and coffee machine home with you? Sure!


Model Chahat Paul

#2. Why do you wear heels? You are already so tall!

Cause the next fashion statement after the leopard is the giraffe


Model Krrutika Joshi

#3. Do you models even eat?

You should ask that question to a certain Padma Laxmi.


Model Jigar Shah

#4. Have you met Siddharth Mallya?

Honestly, “Do you believe in World Peace” would have been a better question!


Model Meghna Appaiah

#5. Is it true that photoshop makes everyone look like a model?

Yeah, it’s a magic wand. Flick it and voila, Model.


Model Rhea Gupte

#6. How do you live without pizza and fries?

I EAT them!


Model Khushboo Kankan

#7. Man, I wish I could get paid for just looking pretty?

Really guys?


Model Shraddha Choudhary

#8. Is it just like in the movie FASHION?

Yup, cut: dress change. Cut: make up. Action: and pack up!


Supermodel Carol Gracias walks the ramp for Runa Ray

#9. Is there a size below size zero?

Yes, it’s called being invisible.


Read Nicole Faria's interview

#10. If Royal Challengers win the IPL, what do you think Poonam Pandey will do this time?



Read Aviva Bidapa’s interview

#11. Is it true that all models do drugs?

Since the time Cocaine became the new Crocin.


Model Larissa D’Sa: interview

#12. So you guys party all the time?

Party, then after party, then an after-after party.


Model Shruti Viswan

#13. Work must be fun na? Have someone else put makeup on you, trying out designer clothes, attending parties and all?

Of course, what you call ‘Monday Blues’ in your world is in fact an eye shadow in ours.


Model & actress Sakshi Agarwal

#14. Are you now going to participate in Miss India and then go to Bollywood?

Can’t wait for it. Karan Johar just wouldn’t stop calling!


Model Scherezade Shroff

#15. How many shoes and clothes do you have?

It’s a number as secret as our weight.


Model Satakshi Sharma

#16. Why don’t you enter the Kingfisher Calendar auditions?

If only there were more months in a year!


Model Shaun Romy

#17. Are your parents cool with you being a model?

Are your parents cool with you asking silly questions?


Model Ritu Arya

#18. Were you in the basketball team in school?

Right, cause being tall is the only criteria to play an international sport.


Model Nikhila Nandgopal

#19. Do all models have to be tall?

Kate Moss is 5’5”.


Model Scarlett Rose

#20. You must be getting hit on a lot. How do you stay away from creeps?

Same thing we do on the ramp. Just keep on walking.


Model Elixir Nahar

Model Sharon Fernandes


#21. Models can’t be friends with each other right?

Are you serious?

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17 Dashing Questions to the Gorgeous Gia Haobam

The ‘Wonder Woople’ series features users who are passionate about fashion or food or both. They are the people who spot new, interesting  things and love self-expression. They are our tastemakers, influencers and curators.


This week’s Wonder Woople is Gia Haobam. She’s a fashion blogger and one of Wooplr’s early adopters. You ask her to introduce herself and she says, “I am the most craziest person alive”, before laughing it off and revealing her very down to earth, humble nature.

Here’s more about Gia in her own words (printed verbatim)

Life has been good as a fashion blogger and I had a pretty fair share of success. From a management student to actually keep my feet firm into fashion has changed my life forever, who knew my passion would drive me nuts one day, I decided to start my own journal and share with all you folks out there. Some, who knew me and most of them who didn’t know me. That’s how my blog was born, “Dash Of Classic”, it is a part of my life that I cherish and enjoy the most.


1. What is the craziest thing you have bought?

An electric blue legging, this has been there in my wardrobe for my entire life (chuckle).

2. If you could splurge on one thing, what would it be?

Clothes, I would love to wear Elie Saab's gown. It's my childhood dream and hopefully should happen soon.

3. Which song is on loop on your iPod right now?

Get Lucky by Daft Punk

4. If you were given a choice between going Street shopping vs. Shopping at malls, which one would you pick?

Aha, I can’t choose at all, I love street and mall shopping. Both have different variety to cater to my different needs. And shopping is all about experimenting, getting the trends, mix and match which you can’t get at one destination. So yes, I have to hunt around according to my needs.


5. Your favourite shopping destination?

I love shopping in European countries, there is more variety and costs lesser than the Indian Market.

6. Who would you like to see most on Wooplr?

I already follow Pranita Mehta, she has quite a collection, from food, fashion to antique pieces.

And I would love to see Kangana Ranaut, her style is vogue, chic and she doesn’t feel scared to experiment.

7. What is the most bizarre dish you have ever had?

Oh, I am very careful with what goes into my mouth :)

8. If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

If I could have a superpower it would be that I could turn everything into pink because I love pink

9. Apple pie or Jalebi?

Apple pie for breakfast and jalebi for lunch :)

10. Schnappes or Breezer?

I prefer a breezer over everything else. It’s a “gentle woman’s drink” and it tastes good too!

11. Chocolate or Vanilla?

I love both. I mean who keeps these as choices?!


12. Walking Dead or Mad Men?

None I guess since I do not follow either of them.

13. Pretty Little Liars or Vampire Diaries?

Pretty little liars. Teen dramas are more fun than Vampire shows.

14. Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother?

Big Bang Theory for sure.

15. Shoes or Bags? 

Comfort matters, so I would go with shoes.

16. Benedict Cumberbatch or Zac Efron?

Zac Efron forever :)

17. What are your guilty pleasures?

Mid night snacks. I so need to stop it soon :)


Here are Gia’s Top Recommendations on Wooplr

Pop Up Neon Sling Bag from Forever New, Indiranagar, Bangalore

It’s so cute, so stylish and spacious as well. I am more of small bag girl but I look out for space, where I can keep my basic things like phone, wallet, keys :) so this is the right fit.


Black Bow Slim Tie from The Tie Store, MG Road, Pune

It’s a slim bow tie, where you can wear for that extra factor in your outfit.


Sling Floral Bag, Heart Shaped Ring & Arm Candy from Accessorize, Mantri Square, Sampige road, Malleswaram, Bangalore

This floral sling bag can never go wrong with any type of outfits and the White pearl and gold arm candy along with heart shape ring completes my whole look of the day !!


Nude Block Heels from Spice Girls, Koramangala V Block, Bangalore

Welcome to my life - awesome heels! It goes with all my outfits that’s like smart choice!


Lime Color Wedges from Catwalk, Residency Road, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

Very much heights I tell you =)


Rhinestone Necklace from Accessorize, Bangalore

I need to wear this everywhere I go, it definitely goes well with every outfits.



Follow Gia on:

Wooplr | Facebook | Blog

Check back next week for another feature on one of our fab Wooples.


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40 Top Selfies on Wooplr!

What’s the best way to celebrate yourself, stay on top of the social cliques and get that picture you wanted just right? Well, click a selfie. 

In this post we give you the 40 best selfies on Wooplr. Love them, hate them; you definitely can’t ignore them! And here we go rolling out the selfie red carpet. Drum roll please…

1. The Quintessential Pout!

Call it the Duckface, call it a pout or call it just a striking pose, folks just can’t stop themselves from this particular one. And the best bit? We love it the more we see of it!

Swati Dandotiya sports the most epic selfie accessory - the pout!


Aviva Bidapa carries off the duck face…. almost! And manages to look absolutely fabulous while doing it. <sigh>


Naina Ruhail flashes her uber famous pout! In a car! You might wanna follow up with her Car Selfie listed below…. =)


2. The Shopaholic Selfie

They scream out a good  fashion sense and the passion for shopping! Do you ove them? We definitely do!

Pallavi Ruhail has an easy going shopaholic selfie! What’s not to love in this mirror selfie?


Sanchari Paul pulls off the Trial room Selfie!


Shopaholic much? Or not enough? Worry not, Jahnobi clicking that quick mirror selfie is quite an inspiration for the shopper.


3. The Mirror Selfie

Home to the best & the wackiest selfies, the mirror selfie is just so you can see yourself pose and click when you feel happy. Through the process hopefully one notices the slight bit of narcissism attached to the act but then again, I’m sure everyone loves ‘em!

We love Aleena's casual Sunday morning shopper selfie too!


Chahat Paul pulls the glam quotient up that high with a typical Saturday night pre-party selfie!


And Tamasree rocks the boat in a kickass mirror selfie!


Aashna Rao seems quite unsure about the selfie, but we definitely would give her a +1.


Eshna Kaur pulls off a demure mirror selfie. 


Mansi Shah pulls off the mirror selfie. Glam look? Check! Fancy Camera? Check! Looks that could kill? Triple check!


4. The Car Selfies

(Taking the selfie for a spin!)

I’m driving. And I look like a boss while I am driving! 

These selfies are tirelessly tedious but well they’re regulars. You see them, and you can’t get enough of them! And if you’re lucky you get to see the best of the selfie car as well! Men? You got something to keep an eye out for! 

We love selfies in a car. Especially when done as well as Naina Ruhail pulls them off!


We love how they seem all easy, breezy and not so posy. Specially when they’re as unassuming as this one by Anupriya DG


Speaking of car selfies, how could we not have this one from Pallavi Ruhail!!?


5. The Auto Rickshaw Selfie

Shuddh desi style, this one captures the melting pot that’s India. The best styles shot at the most interesting moments, sans the scenic Swiss setting. You got the wind in your hair, but you have also got the bumpy auto ride to thank for the multiple clicks!

Nilu Yuleena Thapa looks gorgeous in this kickass autorickshaw selfie!


And Karishma Singh pulls it off in apna desi ‘Auto’!. A simple, classy, self loving selfie! =)


6. The Bus Selfie

(Imma take public transport, yo!)

Enough said, we believe!

Hells yes! Take a look at this pop of colour in a regular humdrum bus - presented by Madhu Lata, selfie style!


7. The Bird’s Eye, Up High Selfie

The bird’s view selfies are face screamers. So you look pretty today? Then why show much besides your face?

Angel Chawla poses to stun in her exquisite outfits. Well now we know where the cats have gone away this summer!


Larissa D’Sa rocks the Punk Rock look in her selfie!


8. The Collage of Selfies

(When one is just not enough)

We’ve got a good look going. And we’re going to share it with you. From multiple angles. Turn around and twist in the craziest ways. And show you that kickass hairstyle I got as well as the dress, my shoes and my friends.

Chahat Paul's selfie!!


Mandavi Kaushik rocks the mirror selfie with a casual smile!


Aleena Mackar is the official Selfie Queen on Wooplr! She’s got ‘em selfies, oh, has she got them selfies!


Pooja Sinha does a cat eye selfie!


Scherezade Shroff does a multi selfie!


Tamasree Ray Chaudhuri makes pictures glow in the dark. We do appreciate that tangy red in the picture!


Urvashi Choudhury pulls a minty spring selfie!


9. The “I’m a Desi” Selfie!

There’s something to be said for a person who can pull off the Indian selfie without much trouble. This one’s tricky with the multiple pieces of clothing that most ethnic pieces have got going on. But then again, the effort is worth it, right?

Krutika Joshi pulls a stunner of an ethnic selfie!


When talking of selfies, look for Tanya Nambiar. Singer, fashionista and happy go lucky selfie lover. She pulls of an ethnic click with oomph so thick you can cut it with a knife!


And this one from Wooplr’s selfie princess, Tamasree Chaudhari!


Fatemeh Bagheri accessorizes herself just right for a… Selfie!!!


10. Put your best face forth for… The Frontal Selfie!

It’s a face forward attack. What do you think? We just think you hide all the other faces but the pretty ones!

Need a bit of summer around you? Namita Gautham gives you summer in a selfie with her love for neon.


Scarlett Rose poses with some pretty Flowered Hair Apparel


Anjali Menon sports an easy smile after making her purchases!


The give-away selfie. Point to be noted Roxanne - your sunglasses shoe us exactly who’s clicking this one! =) Then again who wouldn’t want one while chilling in the pool?


11. The No Face Selfie!

Does this one need any explanation at all? Hells no!

Angel Chawla does a kickass no facer! We love Spongebob!!


12. The Mantastic Selfie

And if you thought only women do the famed selfie, let’s go through a really interesting reality check. Our male Wooples do take quite a bit of pride in their selfies as well!

Allen George looks dapper in a tuxedo and can’t help but click himself!


 Uday Shanker seems thoughtful. To click or not to click - that is the question!


Not just girls who want to have fun eh? Khevan is all ready to tip ‘em hat at the ladies!


And Abhay who treats his selfies with quite a tad bit formality!


What do you think? Are you ready to take a selfie? Well, then go get your best pout ready, find a mirror, grab a camera and go nuts!

Selfies, like smiles, hugs & humans come in all shapes and sizes. Some feel good, some look good, and some just don’t know what’s for their good.

Lately lots of feeds are pretty much saturated with selfies - the mirror selfie, the bathroom selfie, the bedroom selfie, the have you seen the good ‘side’ of me selfie, the car selfie, the groupie, the pre-party selfie, the hangover selfie, the -oh-mi-gawd-I-lurve-you-so-much selfie and well, the much famed, much tweeted, oscar selfie. They’re made for all ages and for all people. A selfie is not for someone special, the selfie is everyone’s quick fix!

And just in case you haven’t had enough, here goes the Selfie Anthem.

Watch, share & spread the #selfie love!


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Ayleen a.k.a. Shadow comes the pet lovers way!

Fresh blood at the Wooplr office!


We’re joined by an incredibly cute, exquisitely inquisitive and very hyper pup. Ayleen, aka Shadow is a 20 day old bundle of joy. And this one is literally a bundle!


Spanning no more than two palms, this li’l one decided to walk into office like a boss and currently is having the time of her life with all the Wooplr folk wrapped around her minuscule little finger.


The best part of having a pet friendly office is that there never is a dull moment at work with these scoobey’s to bring on the peals of laughter and amusement. Little Ayleen keeps us chortling currently with her crab-inspired walk and her ability to frighten our own grand old man ‘Chintu’.


Well, what can we say? This one is gonna grow up to be one helluva woman!


Do drop by & visit little Ayleen when you have the time. She can melt the stoutest of hearts and brighten up the most grey days, we assure you! 


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